A Month in the Modified Newbie Routine

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Just a girl I would like to do my measurement.

It’s been a month since I started the modified newbie routine consisting of stretching and the Angion Method (2.0.). And I would just like to talk about my progress a little. First of all, I have a hard time sticking to the routine only. I get a little obsessed and want to do more. I hate rest days.

But I have been pretty disciplined so far. I did make some additions however. I read about the importance of a warm up so more and found out that an infrared lamp is the way to go. Picked one up at a local electronics store and this might be my best PE investment ever. I sit in front of it for about 7 minutes (with a white sock protecting my testicles from the heat) and then I start my routine.

My member seems a lot more flexible when it’s heated like this. Stretching is going a lot better. A couple days later I read about cooling down, with cold water or ice. So I have added that as well. I get into the shower to wash up after the routine and at the end of the shower I do one last stretch and then I turn the water to cold while trying to hold te stretch. I can feel the tissue of my member pulling back, but afterwards there is no turtling or anything. My flaccid hangs nicely. Don’t know if this is helping, but it’s part of my experiment now.

I haven’t measured yet since it has only been a month, but I know I am still at around 6 inches at least. So my gains from before seem permanent. No hoping I can build on those in the next weeks.

Modified Newbie Routine with Angion Method


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This does not come recommended by the inventor of the Angion Method, who says this is a standalone exercise, but I incorporated the AM2.0 in the newbie routine. I hope the extra warm up and stretching will speed up the length gains.

This is the routine I follow 1 day on, 1 day off for now:

  • Warm up: a hot pack applied to my member for 5 minutes.
  • Stretching: 30 second stretches downward, upward, left, right, between the cheeks, rotary stretch (slowly rotate through al direction while holding the stretch) and lastly the fulcrum from the Angion Method for 10 minutes in total.
  • AM2.0: AM2.0 (see my review) for 20 minutes.

So, the total routine takes me about 35 minutes. As far as I am aware, no one has consistently tried this routine yet, so I am really curious and looking forward to seeing some gains, and I will post results probably after the first 30 days. I measured today and will consider anything over 6 inches to be gains.

The Girlfriend Wants What The Girlfriend Wants (Again)

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A while ago I posted about my ex-girlfriend loving big cock, and it made me kind of insecure. Well, it can get a whole lot worse. Just after I noticed my first ever gains from the Angion Method, I slept with my new flame for the very first time. It’s is always a little akward and new, sure, but it was a fun session. Didn’t get her going the way I would have loved to, but it was a start.

Then the next time I saw her, she wasn’t jumping my bones. Which is a little out character going into a new relationship. This kind of became a thing and we talked about it. Turns out, that this dream girl had to spell out every guys worst nightmare to me: you’re not big enough for me. Apparently she had a huge ex, and my member is not up to her standards.

After dying a thousand deaths, it did spark a lot of new motivation. After all she was brutally honest and still wants to work on it. Maybe I should consider her a keeper. Because of that I figured I am going to try the newbie routine (as posted on several forums), since huge newbie gains have been reported from this, as I have actually never consistently followed this routine.

It basically consists of a warm up, stretching and jelqing. Since I don’t want to give up AM2.0 – first method to ever give me gains – I am going to switch out the jelqing. Also because jelqing usually pops the same vein over and over again, leaving me with a big dark hemorrhage.

So, starting today I will begin my 90 days of this modified newbie routine. I will discuss the specifics of the routine in my next post.

Angion Method 2.0 review

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Just a girl in a bikini.

The sequel to Angion Method 1.0 is Angion Method 2.0 or AM2 for short. As soon as the video for this technique was released I left AM1 behind me and moved on to AM2. And it is still the AM I prefer most. I still can’t get AM3 (or Vascion Method) to work properly.

My version of AM2 goes as follows. I make sure I am laying down, torso slightly elevated by a pillow and my knees pointing out. I try to get fully erect and start massaging my inner dick (below the balls) with my left hand making small strokes upward. The blood I press in expands my glans and my right hand squeezes the blood out of the glans through the dorsal vein.

It took a little experimenting to get the right and make it into a fluent motion. Every stroke upward is followed up with a squeeze and I can tell I am doing it right by noticed the squish of blood through the dorsal vein. I can feel it with my left thumb and it is very pronounced. I go for about 25 minutes increasing the tempo when I can and taking a couple seconds break if I don’t feel the squish anymore.

I love love love this technique. I am totally addicted and have to be very disciplined to keep my one day on one day off schedule. My member does not get engorged like with AM1, but it feel a lot more ‘worked out’ after a session.

The only other PE I do at the moment is the Fulcrum before my session. 3 x 10 on the left side and the equal amount on my right side. And this time I am noticing gains! I am not a my measurement point quite yet (I want to wait till 15-16 december or so) but I have a good reference in my iPhone. I went from a 7 to an XS which is a little bigger, and still my penis seems longer compared to the XS than it used to be compared to the 7. My estimation is that I am finally at 6 inches!! I will wait till the measurement date to make sure, but you will probably understand that after the gainless months I am really excited and motivated to keep my AM2 schedule going. And maybe increasing the session time little by little.


Angion Method 1.0 review

Just a girl I’d angion for

I started out with the first version of the Angion Method. It was the only one around back then, but later it was dubbed Angion Method 1.0 or AM1.0 for short.

In a nutshell, you get as hard as you can. Cup the back of your member with the left hand and slide your right thumb across the dorsal vein from the glans to the base. This requires a fair amount of lube and was called the Burst Expansion (BE) part of the technique. There also was a technique called Pyramid Rush (PR) where you interlace your fingers behind your member and twiddle your thumbs on the dorsal vein as fast as you can. The pyramid was that you would increase the speed every minute for three minutes and then gradually slow down the tempo every minute again. In total you would do 5 minutes of this times 3 sets.

I never could get the hang of the PR, so I stuck with 20 minutes of BE. Getting faster and faster at it each session. I was moving a fair amount of blood in my member and I would notice it swelling up immensely every time I performed the Angion Method. The most pronounced (temporary) gain would be in girth. I would get up to 6 inches easily. And the feeling of such a big member was massively addictive.

I kept doing this every with just a few rest days for over a month. Right until the second version of the Angion was introduced. Version 2.0. More on that in the next post. For AM1.0 I have to say, I loved the technique and the way my member got engorged each time. It did take a lot of lube to keep it comfortable, and the gains seemed to be mostly temporary, but my EQ went through the roof. And I had persistent nightly and morning boners. So great technique, many thanks to the inventor, Janus!

If you want to know more about the Angion Method, just search for ‘angion method’ on youtube.


Sorry for the delay: Angion Method progession

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Sorry for the downtime, everyone! I was really disappointed with the lack of gains after three months, and that made me a lot less motivated to keep blogging about my journey. I did however continue my journey.

After the 3-month-point I had just bought a Lengthmaster and it was about that time that the PE forum starting buzzing about the Angion Method. And first, I thought I’d try both. Get a good stretch in the one day, try the Angion Method technique with the twiddling of the thumbs the next day. And I wanted to to keep alternating those, taking a day off every weekend.

So that was the initial plan. But then the genius in me came up with a new and improved plan. I wasn’t really getting any success or engorgement or anything really with the Angion. Okay, I was getting thumb cramps, but that was all I was noticing. So I thought of a way to make it more effective, a way to put more pressure on the dorsal vein and to move quicker along the vain. Awesome, right? Wrong.

I had my eye on a deodorant roller. The ball would roll and cause a minimal amount of friction and the fluid inside could act as a lubricant. I even made sure to get a deodorant without any harmful ingredients.

Then one morning, I went at it. 20 minutes straight. Rolling. Putting pressure. And I was feeling the blood rush. I was getting insane speeds. No hand cramp or anything. Finished the session. Got into the shower. That’s when I noticed something weird about my (hugely engorged) dick. There was a whole line along my dorsal vein, about half an inch in width, where I had just scraped off all the skin. And I was kind of freaking out. I was all that bloody, but there were other fluids coming out of the wound.

It was time for a break to let it heal, and time to pray that it would not get infected. I was lucky, after about two weeks the skin completely healed. You could still clearly see the new skin since it had a lot less color than the rest of my penis skin, but my dick was functional again.

Obviously I hadn’t done any stretching with the Lengthmaster in the meanwhile. And I haven’t done any since. I wanted to give the Angion Method a fair second try (hand this time, no deodorant rollers).

This is turning out to be a long post already, so I will write in more depth about the Angion Method (AM) tomorrow.

Summary: The Blueprint For A Bigger Penis 1.4

Just a girl I would like to give some tips.

Every other week I will make a summary of everything I have learned so far to make it easy for you guys to benefit from my experience and research.

Routine (Length Master / Phallosan Forte)
  – Length Master Bundled Stretches (left x3, right x3, up x3, down x3, A-stretch x3)
– 11 hour PF session

– keep yourself motivated, try new things when your routine doesn’t bring gains
– always, ALWAYS, wear the protector cap
– if you get too bruised or even injured, take time off to let your penis heal
– wear loose fitting underwear or none at all during recovery
– use Purcellin Bio Oil for quicker recovery
– switch sides wearing the PF as soon as you experience discomfort
– wear PF belt around your leg to avoid foam ring burn
– wear PF foam ring around penis and scrotum to decrease foam ring burn
– replace PF foam ring with metal cock ring for less burn
– remove pubes for better vacuum seal with Bathmate

Step My Game Up

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Just a girl to keep me motivated.

Obviously, I was more than a little disappointed after my three month measurement. Average would be at least 1 cm, almost half an inch. I didn’t really have noticeable gains. So how do I keep myself motivated? I’m stepping my game up.

On the forums I found a couple options: the Length Master and the Angion Method. The first is a wooden vice with handles to put your dick in and do some really powerful stretches. Sounds promising, especially since I always tear my frenulum with manual stretches. And it is advised (on the forums) to stretch first and then wear the Phallosan to let the penis heal in an extended state. Just might work.

Now, the Angion Method is something new and controversial. The forums are debating this method daily and there is only one person, the inventor, to make real gains from it. This might change soon though. There are a lot of guinea pigs trying this method at this moment. It seems like a form of masturbation. Moving down on the dorsal vein on your penis with your thumb. Speeding up blood flow through your member and activating growth. Or so the inventor says. He also says all other PE methods are worthless and you should drop them all when beginning the Angion Method.

He is claiming great gains in 45 days. And the guinea pigs are about halfway at the moment of writing. I definitely will keep a close eye on the progress they are making, but even though my gains were a total letdown, I am not ready to give up my routine.

That’s why I ordered the Length Master. I think I will do 30 minutes of stretches before my Phallosan sessions. I also will incorporate some Angion Method sessions at night. Just to see how they feel. And to practice the thumb twiddling.

Summary: The Blueprint For A Bigger Penis 1.3

Just a girl I would like to give some tips.

Every other week I will make a summary of everything I have learned so far to make it easy for you guys to benefit from my experience and research.

Routine (Bathmate X30 / Phallosan Forte)
  – 10 minute BM session with 30 sec BM Stretches (left x3, right x3, up x3, down x3)
– 11 hour PF session

– toeprotectors from the drugstore are an easy replacement for protector caps
– always, ALWAYS, wear the protector cap
– if you get too bruised or even injured, take time off to let your penis heal
– wear loose fitting underwear or none at all during recovery
– use Purcellin Bio Oil for quicker recovery
– switch sides wearing the PF as soon as you experience discomfort
– wear PF belt around your leg to avoid foam ring burn
– wear PF foam ring around penis and scrotum to decrease foam ring burn
– replace PF foam ring with metal cock ring for less burn
– remove pubes for better vacuum seal with Bathmate

Weekly Penis Enlargement Progress – Week 13 – 1st Measurement!

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Just a girl with the right measurements

It is finally time for the first measurement! I’ve clocked over 450 hours in the Phallosan and over 400 minutes in the Bathmate.

Before my journey began, I reached the 5.5 inch mark on the ruler, and had a circumference of 5.0 inch mid-shaft. So I got out the ruler again today, and I was pretty disappointed.

I did not surpass the 5.5 inch mark. And girth was 5.1 inch which could easily be explained by a measurement error, or better erection quality. So no gain to show for all this hassle.

I have committed to this journey nonetheless, and I will continue. I am happy with the better EQ I have been noticing, and it feels good to be ‘working out’. I hope this will keep me motivated enough to continue. Stay tuned guys, on to the next measurement in three months.