My Enlargement Journey



Just a girl on the beach

Hi, my name is Ron. Join me on my penis enlargement journey! I am 5.5″ in length and about 5″ in girth and I have never been comfortable with my size. I am starting this blog to document my experiences, tips and (hopefully) my progress.

Ever since I came across a forum-post about jelqing years ago, I was super intrigued and I have been trying different penis enlargement techniques. With little to no success…

I started with the jelqing technique enthusiastically. Even bought some sort of clamping device with two rubber rollers at the end to jelq better. I don’t think this improvised tool is still around, and no wonder, it didn’t do much for me. Then came my first real injury. Penis injury that is. I got an internal bleeding in my penis. It was a swollen ugly black mark with the circumference of a golf ball. After letting it heal, it kept returning every time I jelqed. So that was the end of my first PE endeavour. Pretty much thought it was a myth anyway.

Over the years I have gotten enthused a couple more times. Investing money in penis pumps or time in manual stretching. Never really consistently though, and usually ending up in the return of the big black spot on my cock.

But then not so long ago I saw one of those annoying pop-up ads claiming there is scientific evidence for penis enlargement. I did some internet research and found this medical article that says enlargement is possible with an extender device. The one penis enlargement gadget I hadn’t tried yet. And in the experiment there was an average increase in length of 1.1″. Sign me uuuuuuuuup!!!

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