Ready, Set, Go!


My Male Edge extender is here! First thing I did obviously was open the box it came in and check out the goods. There is the extender itself, some extra straps, a travel bag, and a ruler for measurements. And all this was packed in a pretty cool looking green case.

Next I tried to put it on, with was a little more complicated than I expected. Maybe, I should have watched some instructional videos beforehand or something. In the end I got it on and tried it for about 30 minutes as prescribed. Seemed okay, I hadn’t put too much pressure on it though. There are three levels and I picked the easiest one.

I did feel a little pinch when I took it off, my skin got caught in between the extender and the comfort strap. So it wasn’t as awesome yet as I hoped it would be, my member isn’t feeling fatigued or anything like my muscles when I do a fitness workout. And it was a little less comfortable than I anticipated, but I will try again tomorrow for an entire hour. The reviews I read said that the extender takes some getting used to, so let’s do just that: get used to the extender.

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