What To Eat To Get A Bigger Penis?

Just a girl eating a banana

Penis enlargement must be similar to bodybuilding, right? I’m not saying that the penis is a muscle or anything, but some principles that work in bodybuilding should apply. At least that would seem logical.

One thing that comes to mind is food. What you eat is a very big part of your succes in bodybuilding. You can train all you want, without the proper nutrition, not a whole lot is going to change. You need food to grow. This isn’t just limited to bodybuilding by the way, kids don’t grow either if they don’t eat.

So I did some searching online on eating for penis enlargement specifically. None of the usual suspects like protein and amino acids were talked about. It was all foods that increased blood flow. Which kind of makes sense for stronger erections, but for growing? I’d say we’d have to go with the building blocks: plenty of protein.

There were some interesting other suggestions like added raw garlic and chili peppers to your diet. This is supposed to improve blood flow to your member, especially during your PE sessions. Sounds good, but I’ll pass. Chili are hot as fuck, and there is evidence that they can damage the lining of your stomach. And garlic? That shit can repel dracula, let alone all pretty girls from ever getting close to you.

I’ll just make sure I get my proteins and vitamins, and watch my member grow.

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