I’m Slipping

Just a girl to stop me from shriveling up

Day three and I am getting a little concerned. It’s getting more and more painful to get the extender on and off. That’s not the worst of it though. I am also starting to slip out every 20 minutes or so. My glans just shrivels up and become to small to be help by the strap.

After a disappointing two hour session which I barely got through, I started searching the interwebs for tips or modification of some sort. As always I got a million hits and had to go through a whole lot of posts, FAQ’s and sponsored content to get a little more clear on what to do. So the pain is real, and most people online seemed to experience it as well. Some just toughed it out, others gave up and thrashed the devices they used. There were also some more constructive posts about velcro or vacuum modifications.

Vacuum seemed the way to go. ‘So comfortable that I forget that I’m wearing it.’ sounded like too good to be true to me. But anything less than the excruciating pain I was getting myself into now, would be a major improvement. And I figured I would make my goals a lot more attainable if I could just wear an extender all day.

Did some more research and checked my savings account, because I wanted to get the Phallosan. And it gonna make my wallet $359 lighter. What really bums me out though, is that it’ll take 5 working days to get here. In the meantime I will do some research on the way this extender works.

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