Going Commando Might Give You A Bigger Penis

Just a girl going for a surf

Another day, another post found. This time it was about what kind of boxer briefs to wear. The PE legend had done an experiment in which he stopped doing any penis enlargement exercises at all. He wore tight boxer briefs to see if this would effect his gains.

Shockingly his gains (which were like 3 inches or something) started to diminish within weeks. And he is convinced the tight boxers are to blame. This could account for some of the controversie online. People saying they got gains one way, and others claiming they didn’t get anything out of the except same routine or product. If these others put on their tighty whities afterwards, then I’m not surprised.

Afterwards he started his exercise regime again and regained what he had lost. He says he gains a lot faster when wearing loose underwear or none at all. So the lesson I’m taking from this: always go commando!

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