How The Phallosan Forte Works

Just some girls while we wait on the Phallosan Forte

The Phallosan Forte (PF) applies a simple mechanism. If tissue is constantly distended, the body is automatically stimulated to reproduce cells. This is pretty much the assumption of any extender.

In PF-system has been enhanced and perfected in many years of research and application. You put your glans and foreskin in a protective silicone cap. Then that cap goes in a bell that is covered by a special, airtight sleeve. The penis is then secured by creating a vacuum in the bell with a small pump. You attach the vacuum bell to a stretch belt that exerts a continuous, even pulling force.

On the site of the official Phallosan Forte it says they did a clinical study in which the luckiest subject got up to an 1.9″ length gain in 6 months of using the PF. The other subject averaged around 1″, which is still really huge in just half a year.

I can’t wait till I get mine!

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