Worst Mistake Ever!

Just a girl in the sea

I so did not see this coming. I was on cloud nine about this Phallosan Forte device. So I wore it to work again. I had a meeting at a client that was an hour drive or so and I carpooled with my manager in her car.

I had to do a four hour session today and I started at home. Got to the meeting. Everything went well. After the meeting I was at 3h50m. I was still feeling comfortable, just a little pinch near the foam ring on the bottom of my shaft. No biggie. So I decided to make it a five hour session and get in the car with my manager.

Ten minutes in I was feeling the burn of the ring on my skin and I was kind of regretting not taking the PF off already. Then we missed a turn somewhere and added 15 minutes to our driving time. I was already in agony and there was about 50 minutes to go till we got to the office. I had never experienced anything like it. I kept shifting my weight in my seat to find a better position, but there wasn’t one. I started sweating profusely because of the pain even though it was freezing outside. And I was so hoping that my manager wouldn’t notice my squirming or the sweat beads on my forehead.

After almost an hour of this hell I finally got out and literally ran to the toilet (my manager must have thought I had the runs or something) to get my PF off.

I really hope this is something I just need to get used to, and that it was caused by me being overzealous. Should’ve stuck with the four hours I was supposed to do.

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