Another Mishap

Just a girl on all fours

Today I wore the Phallosan to work again. After work I stopped by a friends house for dinner. My five hours were up so I went to the bathroom to remove the extender. I was real careful not to drop anything and put the bell, belt and protective cap in my pockets. They are pretty bulgy so I wanted to move them to my backpack as soon as possible.

As soon as my friend retreated to the balcony of his apartment to smoke a cigarette, I went into ninja mode. 30 seconds later the Phallosan was back in it’s case in my backpack. As I sat back down, my friends walked back in the room with his dog. And this dog seemed to have a new chew toy. Except it was the protective cap of the Phallosan!

After I wrestled it from his mouth as inconspicuously as possibly could, I tried to pretend like nothing happened. My friend didn’t seem to have noticed, so I was damn lucky. Still, it was my second Phallosan scare it three days. Gotta hope this stuff gets easier.

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