Pumping Ain’t Easy (and the ideal Phallosan session time)

Just a girl in stretch pants stretching

Last night, I was doing some research on Phallosan routines and I found some interesting tips I’d like to share. So first I found a post at PEGym saying that not Phallosan hours are created equal. The more hours in a row you put in a session, the more powerful and effective the workout will be. So 10 hours straight, is better than 3 session of 3 hours and 30 minutes. Sounds logical and it got me searching for threads about session times.

And then I came to this really interesting thread where a whole bunch of members of the PEGym forum posted their Phallosan usage, routine, and gains. Even more interesting than this spreadsheet of cock sizes was this post of a math teacher or something. He did a statistical analysis on all the data and concluded the following:

  1. The ideal session time with the Phallosan is 11 hours. More or less hours aren’t as productive. So this is a good thing to know when you create your routine.
  2. The members weren’t monogamous with the PF, and did other forms of penis enlargement like jelqing, strechting, clamping. The only this that had a significant positive effect was pumping though. Members using PF and a pump had twice as much gains in the same amount of time.

That first conclusion is great as a guideline, but that second one just blows my mind. I could gain twice as fast if I add pumping to my routine. Sign me uuuuuup!! I am gonna look for a pump tomorrow. First one that comes to mind is a Bathmate.

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