Bathmate Hydro X30 Is Going To Make Me Bigger

The most popular penis pump on the interwebs seems to be the Bathmate. It’s a water-based pump, which has it’s benefits over and air pump. For instance, you can controle the temperature of the water. And warm water has a positive effect on the penis enlargement session (at least, this is what I found on some of the forums). Also the water makes it less likely that the only thing that expands is the skin of your penis. And the more of the penis you expand, the better chance you have at (permanent) gains (again, this is what the forums said).

The Hydromax Xtreme

The Bathmate comes in several sizes and the have three product lines as far as I can tell. They have the regular Bathmate, the Hydromax with 35% more suction and the Hydromax Xtreme with a handpump add-on.

I actually used to own a regular Bathmate back when it just came out. I used it a couple of times. Didn’t really have a routine. No real gains, except for seeming to be able to fill up more of the tube. So I threw it out.

So I wanted either the Hydromax or the Hydromax Xtreme this time. The Xtreme didn’t just sounds extreme, it also came with an extreme price tag. So for now, after investing in the Male Edge and Phallosan Forte, I was considering the regular Hydromax.

But what size to get. The X20, X30 or X40? Oh, and there is also a Wide Boy edition for guys with big girth, not really my forte. The size chart says up to 5.5″ you get the X20, and up to 7.5″ the X30 is better suited. If you’re over 7.5″ you need a X40. My goals is to be above 5.5″ really soon. Maybe (if I am being very optimistic) I already am. So I ordered the X30. Think big, right?


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