I Need A Penis Enlargement Routine

Just a girl near a rock hard rock

Now that I am getting a Bathmate, I need to think about a routine. All I was doing so far PE-wise was: A) Try to wear the Phallosan as long as possible B) There is no B.

So I started looking a forums to find out if it is best to use the Bathmate before or after wearing the Phallosan. The jury is still out on that one. Some said use it before so the girth gains will be cemented as well in my PF session. Others said to use the BM pump afterwards to get the blood in the newly stretched penis. And then there were the ones who said they did both.

I will start by doing both I guess and see if that is maintainable. The routine will be:

A) Use Bathmate in the morning during shower for 5-6 min

B) Wear Phallosan for up to 11 hours

C) End the penis enlargement day with a Bathmate session of 5-6 min

I will up the minutes of the Bathmate session every couple of days till I am at 10-12 min.

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