Putting Them Gains To Work! (Having Sex After A Pumping Session)


Almost one month in and I managed to hide all of this penis enlargement stuff from my girlfriend. My penis has been kind of sore recently with the workout and everything, so I pretty much avoided sleeping at my girlfriend’s or having sex with her.

Today I knew it couldn’t be avoided (fml, right?), so I figured I’d put in an extra long Bathmate session to see if she’d noticed. And let me tell you, she did. Unfortunately, so did I.

My penis was pretty swollen and thick, but this also added some pressure on the glans or something. Whatever it was, it felt great. Maybe a little too good, since I came a lot earlier than I used to. Could’ve been the pumping, could’ve been the month of abstince, could’ve been both. Whatever the cause, it pretty much sucked, and wasn’t what I had in mind when I started this journey. I probably will just have to try several more times to see if it gets better (fml, right?).

On a positive note though, I never heard my girl moan as loudly. For however long it lasted…

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