Weekly Penis Enlargement Progress – Week 3

From now on, every Sunday I will post my progress and the week’s good and bad.

Schermafbeelding 2018-04-03 om 14.31.39

Week 3 (Phallosan Forte/ Bathmate)
  + Up to 11 hours a day in Phallosan
  + Added Bathmate stretches 
Total so far: 
134 hours PF / 132 min BM

Week 2 (Phallosan Forte/ Bathmate)
+ Started with Bathmate sessions (5 min)
+ Upgraded to L bell
  + Got to 10 hours a day in Phallosan
  – First blister on glans -> extra rest day
Total so far:
68 hours PF / 60 min BM

Week 1 (Phallosan Forte)
  + Started using Phallosan (super comfortable/ got to 6-hour session)
  – Felt the foam-burn agony
Total so far:
22 hours in Phallosan Forte

Week 1 (Male Edge)
  + Started using the Male Edge
– Stopped using the Male Edge (too uncomfortable/ too much slippage)
Total so far: 3,5 hours in extender

Starting measurement
– Length: 5.5″
– Girth: 5.0″

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