Review: Bathmate Hydromax X30

Just a girl that would be an ideal mate in the bath

I ordered the Bathmate Hydromax X30 a couple weeks ago and I am going to review the product here. Just a small disclaimer up front, I am using the X30 alongside the Phallosan® Forte, so I will not be going into my (permanent) gains in this review. After 3 months of use, I will post a combined review of the X30 and PF which will include results.



The Hydromax X30 comes in a cool box, and the product itself looks awesome. Check out the design for yourself, it has a modern innovative workout/fitness vibe to it. And I dig it.


The X30 is super easy to use. Just fill it with water, put your penis in and press it against your pubic bone. Increase the suction by pumping out more water. It’s as simple as that. I started with 3 x 5 minute sessions and immediately saw results.


After a session my penis is noticeably bigger and even feels heavier. Especially the girth increase is awesome during sex. The gains fade during the day, but I pump daily and I never lose the increase completely before my next session. So my dick is bigger all day round. And I actually do an extra session at night if I know I am going to have sex. Bigger is better!

Next to the size increase, my penis also feels really good because of the all blood that’s been pumped into it. I love that feeling!


The product is really sturdy, and will probably last a lifetime. Nothing bad to say about the quality so far.


I love the X30, but you probably could tell that from my review. I like that it’s super easy to use, only takes 10-15 minutes (while I would be showering anyway) and it is sturdy and allround just a great quality product. What I love is the way my penis looks and feels (!) after a BM session. All in all I would recommend the Bathmate Hydromax X30 to anyone with a penis.

Get your own Bathmate Hydromax X30 here or click the banner below.

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