Penis Enlargement Documentaries

Just a girl I’d like to watch a documentary with

I had to take some days off because of the blister on my glans. During that time a tried to find some more information on penis enlargement. Turns out there are a couple of documentaries out there. Not all of them are good, and some seem to be more for promotional purposes, but there are a lot more then I would have guessed, so I thought I’d share them with you. Enjoy!

Penis Extension Clinic (complete BBC documentary)

My Penis and I (complete documentary)

Extreme Male Beauty (complete documentary)

Perfect Penis (complete BBC documentary)

Penis Envy (complete documentary)

DLD Journey in Penis Enlargement (Vlog of a Penis Enlargement Legend)

Matters of Size (Interview with Double Long Daddy)

Big like me (Trailer on Youtube)

Unhung hero (Trailer on Youtube)


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