Starting To See Some Changes

Just a girl in a bikini

Last night, I noticed that my flaccid hang seems bigger than it used to be. I think it went gradually and I already got used to it, but if I think hard enough I can remember times I was embarrassed to pee in public. Now I look pretty decent naked actually when I check the mirror.

The other thing that surprised me is my erection quality (EQ). I am waking up with rock hard boners ever since using the Phallosan® Forte and Bathmate. This also used to be different. Not so long ago I was figuring I was getting old since my EQ was getting poorer and my erect dick smaller and smaller.

I hope these things are precursors to significant gains, but this already makes me feel a lot better about my dick and myself. It keeps me more than motivated to continue my enlargement journey, and keep looking for more efficient ways to get where I want to go.

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