Wearing The Phallosan Belt Differently: Alternative Number 1

Just a girl sun tanning

I’ve been experimenting with wearing the Phallosan belt differently. I’ve also scoured the forums for tips and I have found two viable options. The first I have tried yesterday and the second I will try today (and tell you guys about tomorrow).

So the first one I have tried is using the foam ring to create a kind of noose which I put around my thigh. This way the foam ring doesn’t go around my penis and can’t cause any ring burn. The belt goes from around my thigh to behind my butt and then I connect it to the Phallosan in the same way I usually do.

I must say this new way of wearing it is way more comfortable. Especially when driving my car this is a big improvement (the way I sit in my seat usually puts extra tension and causes more pinch from the foam ring).

There is a downside though. The belt keeps slipping down my butt. Especially when I am standing or walking. It also starts slipping down the leg I wrapped it around. So this way of wearing it is definitely not perfect yet, but a lot more comfortable and an especially good option for wearing the Phallosan on long drives.

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