Wearing The Phallosan Belt Differently: Alternative Number 2

Just a girl wearing her bikini the way she should.

Yesterday I explained a new, more comfortable, way of wearing the Phallosan belt to avoid ring burn. Not ideal, but it was a viable option. I tried a different way yesterday that I am liking even better.

I found a little trick on a forum that said to wear the foam ring like a cock ring, passed the scrotum. I was a little sceptic about putting my ball through the foam circle, but it was actually a big improvement. This trick keeps the foam donut in place which minimizes chafing and irritation. I didn’t have any pinching or burning sensation during my 11 hour session yesterday.

And there seem to be no downsides. The setup stays in place like it normally would, and you have the same contra-force (though lower on the shaft) you would have usually. The absence of this contra-force in the wearing-it-around-my-leg alternative was kind of having me doubting the yesterdays option.

I think this is the way to go, and I will try this from now on, to see if it stays comfortable. It might even be possible sleeping with the Phallosan on this way.

4 thoughts on “Wearing The Phallosan Belt Differently: Alternative Number 2

  1. i just found on how to wear the foam ring of the phallosan forte like a cock ring. Any update about it ? has it affect your scrotum any way? any discomfort? do you sleep with it like this? Do you still experience any burn? any upside and downside?


    1. Hi Donaldo, it still is the most comfortable way for me to wear the phallosan. No affect to my scrotum, no discomfort. I don’t sleep with the phallosan on. I tried it but woke up with raging boners pressing into the vacuum cup which hurt pretty bad. But no downside to wearing the foam ring like a cock ring so far. Let me know about your experience with it.


  2. Hey nice post, quick question if you don’t mind, do you think the ring is necessary I’m thinking of wearing it around my calf or foot however I’m thinking that would have a negative affect because of the extra kinda sideways tug the ring gives when around the penis…What do you think ?


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