Manual Penis Enlargement On Holiday



Just a girl enjoying her holiday.

During my two weeks off in Thailand I have a new manual routine. It consists of two exercises: A-stretches and base squeezes.

The A-stretch is performed by grabbing just below my glans with the universal OK-sign. Then I place my other arm under my shaft and grab the wrist of the hand with the OK-sign-grip. By twisting my underarms I can put quite a lot of strain on my penis this way. I will try to do 10 each morning in the bathroom.

The base squeezes are probably named differently, but it’s an exercise I figured out myself. I place that same OK-sign with my palm facing out, around the base of my penis. As close to my body as I can, preferably pressing a little into my fatpad. Then I squeeze and start to make a fist, pressing all the blood in there to the top of my penis. I’ll do 25 with my left hand and 25 with my right, every day in the shower.

This last exercise really gives my member a plump, full look. So I figure it should at least make sure I don’t lose any gains.

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