Growing In The Bathmate

Just a girl in her lingerie.

Today I noticed a gain in on the Bathmate measurement. I went from 170, before my vacation, to 175 after my vacation. Still, this doesn’t mean I have a 7 incher.

When I just started with the Bathmate I made lots of gains inside the hydropump in my first weeks. I went from the 150 mark all the way up to the 170 mark. That’s almost an inch gain. I was loving the results I was seeing. Sadly though, it just meant I was putting on more pressure, causing the rubber seal to be pressed together tighter. Which in turn made the length of the device shorter instead of my penis longer.

I put a ruler next to it and 7 inches way actually still 6 inches in real life. But there is an upside. At the 170 mark, I maxed out the vacuum in the Bathmate. So getting over that mark now, does suggest real gains! I am getting more and more excited for my 3 month measurement and it sure as hell keeps me motivated.

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