Shopping For Protector Caps

woman in white bikini top
Just a girl in a bikini.

So I have a week off, at least, till my penis is fully healed. I will need a new protector cap though, because I am not trying a session without it again. Sure, bruising my glans was fun, but I will at least try to not repeat this. On the website of the Phallosan you can reorder protector caps. Three cap for 25 bucks. A little steep in my opinion. Worse though is that they will take a while to get here.

I did some research and I found a forum-post of a guy saying he replaced his protector cap with a toeprotector, easily found at a drug store or supermarket. So I bought a pack of two for $8 and it turns out they are pretty much the same thing.

I’d rather be safe than sorry though, so I will be building up my sessions with these new protector caps. Once my penis is fully healed, that is.

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