Phallosan Statistics

Just some girl I’d like to take my measurements.

My first measurement is coming up and I am pretty anxious. To keep myself busy I did some research and came across some result statistics on

I am reaching 3 month with my Phallosan. Sadly, what I found is that the minimum gain after a quarter of a year is 0 cm, zero, zip, nothing. That would totally suck. Average gains were a lot more promising. On average guys gained a little over 1 cm in this period. I would love to have gained that. Definitely motiving.

There also was a maximum gain: 3,8 cm after 3 months. That’s half an inch a month! That’s insane. That would make me bigger than 90% of the guys out there already. I know I didn’t make gains like that (yet), but in this case I would love to be average with average gains.



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