Summary: The Blueprint For A Bigger Penis 1.3

Just a girl I would like to give some tips.

Every other week I will make a summary of everything I have learned so far to make it easy for you guys to benefit from my experience and research.

Routine (Bathmate X30 / Phallosan Forte)
  – 10 minute BM session with 30 sec BM Stretches (left x3, right x3, up x3, down x3)
– 11 hour PF session

– toeprotectors from the drugstore are an easy replacement for protector caps
– always, ALWAYS, wear the protector cap
– if you get too bruised or even injured, take time off to let your penis heal
– wear loose fitting underwear or none at all during recovery
– use Purcellin Bio Oil for quicker recovery
– switch sides wearing the PF as soon as you experience discomfort
– wear PF belt around your leg to avoid foam ring burn
– wear PF foam ring around penis and scrotum to decrease foam ring burn
– replace PF foam ring with metal cock ring for less burn
– remove pubes for better vacuum seal with Bathmate

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