Step My Game Up

women s yellow bandeau
Just a girl to keep me motivated.

Obviously, I was more than a little disappointed after my three month measurement. Average would be at least 1 cm, almost half an inch. I didn’t really have noticeable gains. So how do I keep myself motivated? I’m stepping my game up.

On the forums I found a couple options: the Length Master and the Angion Method. The first is a wooden vice with handles to put your dick in and do some really powerful stretches. Sounds promising, especially since I always tear my frenulum with manual stretches. And it is advised (on the forums) to stretch first and then wear the Phallosan to let the penis heal in an extended state. Just might work.

Now, the Angion Method is something new and controversial. The forums are debating this method daily and there is only one person, the inventor, to make real gains from it. This might change soon though. There are a lot of guinea pigs trying this method at this moment. It seems like a form of masturbation. Moving down on the dorsal vein on your penis with your thumb. Speeding up blood flow through your member and activating growth. Or so the inventor says. He also says all other PE methods are worthless and you should drop them all when beginning the Angion Method.

He is claiming great gains in 45 days. And the guinea pigs are about halfway at the moment of writing. I definitely will keep a close eye on the progress they are making, but even though my gains were a total letdown, I am not ready to give up my routine.

That’s why I ordered the Length Master. I think I will do 30 minutes of stretches before my Phallosan sessions. I also will incorporate some Angion Method sessions at night. Just to see how they feel. And to practice the thumb twiddling.

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