Sorry for the delay: Angion Method progession

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Sorry for the downtime, everyone! I was really disappointed with the lack of gains after three months, and that made me a lot less motivated to keep blogging about my journey. I did however continue my journey.

After the 3-month-point I had just bought a Lengthmaster and it was about that time that the PE forum starting buzzing about the Angion Method. And first, I thought I’d try both. Get a good stretch in the one day, try the Angion Method technique with the twiddling of the thumbs the next day. And I wanted to to keep alternating those, taking a day off every weekend.

So that was the initial plan. But then the genius in me came up with a new and improved plan. I wasn’t really getting any success or engorgement or anything really with the Angion. Okay, I was getting thumb cramps, but that was all I was noticing. So I thought of a way to make it more effective, a way to put more pressure on the dorsal vein and to move quicker along the vain. Awesome, right? Wrong.

I had my eye on a deodorant roller. The ball would roll and cause a minimal amount of friction and the fluid inside could act as a lubricant. I even made sure to get a deodorant without any harmful ingredients.

Then one morning, I went at it. 20 minutes straight. Rolling. Putting pressure. And I was feeling the blood rush. I was getting insane speeds. No hand cramp or anything. Finished the session. Got into the shower. That’s when I noticed something weird about my (hugely engorged) dick. There was a whole line along my dorsal vein, about half an inch in width, where I had just scraped off all the skin. And I was kind of freaking out. I was all that bloody, but there were other fluids coming out of the wound.

It was time for a break to let it heal, and time to pray that it would not get infected. I was lucky, after about two weeks the skin completely healed. You could still clearly see the new skin since it had a lot less color than the rest of my penis skin, but my dick was functional again.

Obviously I hadn’t done any stretching with the Lengthmaster in the meanwhile. And I haven’t done any since. I wanted to give the Angion Method a fair second try (hand this time, no deodorant rollers).

This is turning out to be a long post already, so I will write in more depth about the Angion Method (AM) tomorrow.

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