Angion Method 1.0 review

Just a girl I’d angion for

I started out with the first version of the Angion Method. It was the only one around back then, but later it was dubbed Angion Method 1.0 or AM1.0 for short.

In a nutshell, you get as hard as you can. Cup the back of your member with the left hand and slide your right thumb across the dorsal vein from the glans to the base. This requires a fair amount of lube and was called the Burst Expansion (BE) part of the technique. There also was a technique called Pyramid Rush (PR) where you interlace your fingers behind your member and twiddle your thumbs on the dorsal vein as fast as you can. The pyramid was that you would increase the speed every minute for three minutes and then gradually slow down the tempo every minute again. In total you would do 5 minutes of this times 3 sets.

I never could get the hang of the PR, so I stuck with 20 minutes of BE. Getting faster and faster at it each session. I was moving a fair amount of blood in my member and I would notice it swelling up immensely every time I performed the Angion Method. The most pronounced (temporary) gain would be in girth. I would get up to 6 inches easily. And the feeling of such a big member was massively addictive.

I kept doing this every with just a few rest days for over a month. Right until the second version of the Angion was introduced. Version 2.0. More on that in the next post. For AM1.0 I have to say, I loved the technique and the way my member got engorged each time. It did take a lot of lube to keep it comfortable, and the gains seemed to be mostly temporary, but my EQ went through the roof. And I had persistent nightly and morning boners. So great technique, many thanks to the inventor, Janus!

If you want to know more about the Angion Method, just search for ‘angion method’ on youtube.


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