A Month in the Modified Newbie Routine

woman wearing brown bikini in front of bird of paradise flower
Just a girl I would like to do my measurement.

It’s been a month since I started the modified newbie routine consisting of stretching and the Angion Method (2.0.). And I would just like to talk about my progress a little. First of all, I have a hard time sticking to the routine only. I get a little obsessed and want to do more. I hate rest days.

But I have been pretty disciplined so far. I did make some additions however. I read about the importance of a warm up so more and found out that an infrared lamp is the way to go. Picked one up at a local electronics store and this might be my best PE investment ever. I sit in front of it for about 7 minutes (with a white sock protecting my testicles from the heat) and then I start my routine.

My member seems a lot more flexible when it’s heated like this. Stretching is going a lot better. A couple days later I read about cooling down, with cold water or ice. So I have added that as well. I get into the shower to wash up after the routine and at the end of the shower I do one last stretch and then I turn the water to cold while trying to hold te stretch. I can feel the tissue of my member pulling back, but afterwards there is no turtling or anything. My flaccid hangs nicely. Don’t know if this is helping, but it’s part of my experiment now.

I haven’t measured yet since it has only been a month, but I know I am still at around 6 inches at least. So my gains from before seem permanent. No hoping I can build on those in the next weeks.

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