Phallosan Forte Review

Just a girl sitting comfortably like the Phallosan Forte

I’ve been wearing the Phallosan Forte for a couple weeks now and I am going to give you my opinion here. Just a small disclaimer up front, I am using the Phallosan® Forte alongside the Bathmate Hydromax X30, so I will not be going into my (permanent) gains in this review. After 3 months of use, I will post a combined review of the X30 and PF which will include results.



The Phallosan Forte comes in a white box, and it has a clinical medical vibe to it. If you check out the design above you could even say it looks like a box the latest office software comes in. Nothing fancy, no fancy claims, which actually makes me more confident it works.


The PF takes a little getting used to. I ripped my first condom sleeve 3 minutes after opening the box. But I got used to working all the spare parts quick enough. So there is a vacuum bell with a condom sleeve attached to it, and you click the miniature pump and the tension clip on it. You also have a protection cap to put over your glans and an elastic band with a rubber foam ring on the one end and an attachment to the tension clip on the other.

There are good instruction videos on this on the Phallosan website, but in a nutshell: you put the protection cap on your glans, then put the vacuum bell on it. You roll down the condom sleeve and pump for suction. Then lastly your penis and the vacuum bell go through the foam ring, you rap the belt around your waist and attach it to vacuum bell on the other side. Your penis is now pulled sideways to your hip and can stay there for hours and hours.

By the amount of words I need to explain this procedure (badly), you can tell that it isn’t really easy, but I got used to it in a couple of days. I built up my sessions by adding one hour daily and after 3 weeks I am up to 11 hours comfortably. I sometimes forget I am wearing the PF.

What I really like is that I can wear it outside. It is discreet enough for me to wear to work each day. So it enables me to get my 11 hour sessions in.


When I take the PF off, my penis is stretched pretty good. It stays longer during the rest of the day. In the beginning my skin was a little sore, but it got better. No I just feel that my penis has been through a workout. After 3 months I will do my first measurement, so I can’t say anything about gains yet, but I am getting my hours in comfortably.


The product has a lot of separate pieces, which makes it prone to breakage. On the other hand, all parts can be ordered separately. I ripped one condom so far (straight out of the box) and all the rest of the pieces are holding up. The price of the product seems kind of steep, but it seems like a good investment. It is for my penis and I would pay ten times the amount if it would get me an extra inch or more.


I really like the Phallosan Forte because it is so comfortable. I wouldn’t be able to do these hours in a different extender. I haven’t tried yet, but you should be able to wear it in your sleep, which is a huge plus. I like how discreet it is as I can wear it to work. The true conclusion will be in the results, because without (permanent) gains, I would have no use for this product.

I would recommend the Phallosan Forte to everyone who is serious about penis enlargement (looking for more length) and willing to put the hours in with an extender.

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