The Girlfriend Wants What The Girlfriend Wants (Again)

Just a girl in her lingerie.

A while ago I posted about my ex-girlfriend loving big cock, and it made me kind of insecure. Well, it can get a whole lot worse. Just after I noticed my first ever gains from the Angion Method, I slept with my new flame for the very first time. It’s is always a little akward and new, sure, but it was a fun session. Didn’t get her going the way I would have loved to, but it was a start.

Then the next time I saw her, she wasn’t jumping my bones. Which is a little out character going into a new relationship. This kind of became a thing and we talked about it. Turns out, that this dream girl had to spell out every guys worst nightmare to me: you’re not big enough for me. Apparently she had a huge ex, and my member is not up to her standards.

After dying a thousand deaths, it did spark a lot of new motivation. After all she was brutally honest and still wants to work on it. Maybe I should consider her a keeper. Because of that I figured I am going to try the newbie routine (as posted on several forums), since huge newbie gains have been reported from this, as I have actually never consistently followed this routine.

It basically consists of a warm up, stretching and jelqing. Since I don’t want to give up AM2.0 – first method to ever give me gains – I am going to switch out the jelqing. Also because jelqing usually pops the same vein over and over again, leaving me with a big dark hemorrhage.

So, starting today I will begin my 90 days of this modified newbie routine. I will discuss the specifics of the routine in my next post.


Angion Method 2.0 review

woman in teal and pink bikini
Just a girl in a bikini.

The sequel to Angion Method 1.0 is Angion Method 2.0 or AM2 for short. As soon as the video for this technique was released I left AM1 behind me and moved on to AM2. And it is still the AM I prefer most. I still can’t get AM3 (or Vascion Method) to work properly.

My version of AM2 goes as follows. I make sure I am laying down, torso slightly elevated by a pillow and my knees pointing out. I try to get fully erect and start massaging my inner dick (below the balls) with my left hand making small strokes upward. The blood I press in expands my glans and my right hand squeezes the blood out of the glans through the dorsal vein.

It took a little experimenting to get the right and make it into a fluent motion. Every stroke upward is followed up with a squeeze and I can tell I am doing it right by noticed the squish of blood through the dorsal vein. I can feel it with my left thumb and it is very pronounced. I go for about 25 minutes increasing the tempo when I can and taking a couple seconds break if I don’t feel the squish anymore.

I love love love this technique. I am totally addicted and have to be very disciplined to keep my one day on one day off schedule. My member does not get engorged like with AM1, but it feel a lot more ‘worked out’ after a session.

The only other PE I do at the moment is the Fulcrum before my session. 3 x 10 on the left side and the equal amount on my right side. And this time I am noticing gains! I am not a my measurement point quite yet (I want to wait till 15-16 december or so) but I have a good reference in my iPhone. I went from a 7 to an XS which is a little bigger, and still my penis seems longer compared to the XS than it used to be compared to the 7. My estimation is that I am finally at 6 inches!! I will wait till the measurement date to make sure, but you will probably understand that after the gainless months I am really excited and motivated to keep my AM2 schedule going. And maybe increasing the session time little by little.