Slept With The Phallosan Yesterday

Just a girl I would like in my bed.

Last night I slept wearing my Phallosan. It was a little akward at first and I was too subconscious of having it on to fall asleep. But once I fell I asleep I put in some serious hours (okay, it was 5).

I still prefer wearing it in the daytime, but this is a good alternative if for some reason I can’t get to 11 hours during the day. There was very little discomfort, but still I like my sleep and am a little wary of the device, or my penis getting hurt in between the sheets. Also when my girlfriends over, this is not an option since I am trying to keep this penis enlargement business a secret.

200 Hours Into The Phallosan

Just a girl I want to celebrate my 200 hours with.

Yesterday I logged another 11 hours with my Phallosan® Forte which puts me over the 200 hour mark! Still a long way to go, but I thought it was a moment to celebrate nonetheless.

I read on one of the forums that the Phallosan is most effective in the first 2000 hours you wear it (a little over half a year when wearing it 6 days a week for 11 hours). And that say it averages an increase of 1.2 inches in that period. I can’t wait to get my 1800 more hours in!

Starting To See Some Changes

Just a girl in a bikini

Last night, I noticed that my flaccid hang seems bigger than it used to be. I think it went gradually and I already got used to it, but if I think hard enough I can remember times I was embarrassed to pee in public. Now I look pretty decent naked actually when I check the mirror.

The other thing that surprised me is my erection quality (EQ). I am waking up with rock hard boners ever since using the Phallosan® Forte and Bathmate. This also used to be different. Not so long ago I was figuring I was getting old since my EQ was getting poorer and my erect dick smaller and smaller.

I hope these things are precursors to significant gains, but this already makes me feel a lot better about my dick and myself. It keeps me more than motivated to continue my enlargement journey, and keep looking for more efficient ways to get where I want to go.

What Is A Normal Penis Size?


I was wondering what my enlargement goal should be. Of course I want a huge member, but what is big? And when should I think it is big enough?

I figured I better do the math, so that’s what I did and I found these statistics:

size in inches

percentage that is smaller 













Let’s just summarize what this entails. First off, I seem to be fairly average with my 5,5 inches. A little less that half the dudes I meet, are smaller than I am. Which is baffling to me. I always used to think that about 100% of guys that screwed my girlfriend before me were at least twice as big as I am. This is the first time I am proud to admit that my math was wrong.

If I manage to enlarge my penis with an inch and a half (which I am sincerely hoping I can), this puts me in the 7-inch club. According to these statistics that makes me bigger than 9 out of 10 guys. How awesome would that be. Another inch and I am bigger than 99% of men on the planet. The though of this makes me way more motivated than it should. I don’t just want to be large, I want others to be smaller too.

Can’t wait to do my first measurements after 3 months into my routine with Phallosan® Forte and Bathmate.